Level 2 Orthotics

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Level 2 Orthotics

This product is our lower cost orthotic device. Level 2 Orthotics offer a good fit at a lower cost. They provide some control of arch, knee, and lower back pain.

The plastic shell is semi-rigid to provide some support, but at a lower cost than our Premiere product line. This product comes with the addition of a soft covering for extra comfort, and the benefit of a heel cup for additional heel support. It is available in multiple arch heights and foot widths for your special foot shape. Level 2 Orthotics are for Men's shoe sizes 6-12 and Women's shoe sizes 7-13.

Level 2 Orthotics are recommended for athletic shoes, oxfords, work boots, or shoes that have tie-up laces. They are not recommended for low profile shoes or high heels.

This product does not require an impression for proper fitting and is produced in our lab. Only your shoe size is required.

Level 2 Orthotics are only $100.00

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