We are proud to offer a high-quality selection of foot orthotics to meet your needs. If you order more than one pair, we will give you a discount of 25% on the second pair of our Premiere FootOrthotics™.

Rigid Graphite FootOrthotics™

Rigid Graphite Orthotic

This is our primary product, giving you relief from fatigue and pain in everyday use. These devices are made of TL-2100 Graphite fiber, have rigid biomechanical control, simulated leather cover to metatarsal heads, are thin and lightweight, and have firm crepe rear foot posts. This product fits most men's dress shoes, and in almost all men's and women's athletic shoes. They are our thinnest product. They generally do not fit in women's dress shoes. (For women's dress shoes, we recommend the Dress FootOrthotic™.)

Sport FootOrthotics™

Sport Orthotic

This product is for athletes and other active people who need superior biomechanical control to establish superior foot and leg function. It helps prevent injury by protecting against pressure and impact shock.

Sport FootOrthotics™ are more flexible than the Rigid FootOrthotics™, but still provide excellent foot control.

The Sport FootOrthotic™ as shown, has an optional full length top cover. If this option is desired, please indicate on the bottom of the order form. The full length top cover takes up more space in the shoe. The regular sport orthotic ends just behind or proximal to the metatarsal heads.

This device is designed to accommodate the special requirements of sports activities for both men and women. The top cover acts as a soft tissue supplement providing padding and comfort. The heel pad provides additional shock absorption upon heel strike, and heel cup helps with calcaneal stabilization. These orthotics provide maximum support during sports activities.

They are recommended for use in all athletic shoes and can be configured to fit ski boots, and all types of skating boots, (ice, rollerblades, rollerskates.)

Dress FootOrthotics™

Dress Orthotic

This is a thin and narrow semi-rigid orthotic. It is best used in women's dress shoes with a moderate heel. This product provides relief for postural back pain and foot or leg pain.

Dress FootOrthotics™ are available in 3/4 length, with a graphite fiber shell and vinyl top cover. The metatarsal head area is padded for comfort.

These devices are 3/4 length to provide better shoe fit and are narrow cut for slimmer shoe counters. They will fit into women's shoes with a 1 to 3 inch heel. These are designed for patients who require and can tolerate firm support but wear hard to fit shoes.

SoftTouch/Protection FootOrthotics™

Protection Orthotic

This product is designed for patients who require protection and accommodation. It works especially well for patients with diabetes, desensitized feet, or arthritic conditions. It affords less correction but more cushioning.

SoftTouch orthotics are full length orthotics, that come with a soft top cover, metatarsal and cuboid corrections, a cushioned bottom layer, and heel pad.

These devices are for both men and women who can only tolerate minimal support. This orthotic is designed strictly for accommodative purposes. It is very soft and flexible. The padded top cover molds to the patients foot to accommodate plantar prominences and is a soft tissue supplement providing padding and comfort. Softer corrections throughout the support provide forgiving foot support, a heel pad for additional shock absorption, and soft bottom layer for increased padding and comfort.

Comfortable, roomy shoes are recommended as these orthotics are slightly bulky because of the soft materials required in the fabrication.

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